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The School Day

Our gates open at 8.30am and children go directly to their classroom. Early work is set by all class teachers.  We encourage all children to aim to be in school by 8.40am.  Registration is at 8.50am.  Reception children have their own entrance and doors open at 8.40am

Reception                 Morning sessions        8.50am – 11.30am. (gates open at 8.40am)

                                    Afternoon sessions     12.30pm - 3.15pm.

KS1                              Morning sessions        8.50am – 11.30pm (gates open at 8.30am)

                                    Afternoon sessions     12.30pm – 3.15pm

KS2                              Morning session         8.50am - 12.30pm (gates open at 8.30am)

                                    Afternoon session       1.30pm -  3.20pm

We operate a breakfast/activities club before school, where children are welcome from 7.30am.  We charge £1 per day and there is a wide range of breakfast foods, e.g. juices, cereals, toast, jams, marmalade and other spreads.   Activities are provided in the dining room when the children have finished eating. 

Please ensure that your child does not arrive at school too early.  There is no supervision of children before 8.30am outside the gates, so for their own safety it is best not to arrive before this time. 

For reasons of security, the outside doors are locked five minutes after the start of the day – 8.50am.  Anyone arriving after this time must go to the Main Entrance and notify the school office staff of their arrival, so that the register can be amended and lunch arrangements confirmed.


School Assemblies


Monday           Whole School              Celebration assembly

Tuesday            Whole School             Singing practice

Wednesday     Whole School              Ethos assembly

Thursday         Whole School              House meetings, with focus on school ethos

Friday              Whole School              Class Sharing assembly (class presentation of current work)


A different class each week will lead the ‘Sharing assembly’.  Themes for class assembly have been remembrance, what have we learnt this week, the impact of deforestation in the rainforest to name a few.

Playtime is between 10.15am – 10.30am KS1 and 11.15am - 11.30am for KS2. Organised sporting activities also take place during break.

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