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Who’s Who at New Chapter

Speaking to the right person when you have a question or concern will ensure that you are dealt with as quickly as possible.  At the start of the day, to ensure that teachers can start lessons promptly, parents have the opportunity to speak to a member of the Pastoral Support team who is stationed in the main reception area.  They will record any issues and ensure these are passed to the appropriate person and if action is required they will check it occurs.

At the end of the day all teachers are available on the playground for a brief chat.  If parents require either a confidential chat or would like a longer meeting, they can make an appointment at the Office or with the teacher themselves.  Parents must be mindful that staff are extremely busy and may not always be able to accommodate a request to meet immediately; it is hoped that non-urgent meetings will be scheduled within 24 hours.  If you would like a longer chat, please do not hesitate to make an appointment and do not feel you have to wait until the next Parents’ Evening.

If the issue is related to classroom activities then the class teacher should always be the first port of call. The opinions of parents and children are valued and taken into consideration when planning for the future.  Annually an internal Parents’ Questionnaire is undertaken and termly, a series of random Pupil Interviews are conducted.  Suggestions can also be written and put into the post box in the reception area and parents are asked to use the Pupil Planner to record their thoughts and opinions also.  Governor meetings are scheduled throughout the year and two parent governors have been appointed to represent parents’ views.  Their role is not to champion individual cases at meetings, but to represent the view of the parent body.

Issue to be resolved

Name of point of contact

EYFS and KS1 Issues and Concerns (This is the next level if the issues have not been resolved after speaking to the class teacher)

Mr Billing

KS2 Issues and Concerns (This is the next level if the issues have not been resolved after speaking to the class teacher)

Mrs Trigg

Assessment Issues

Mr Billing

SATS (Yr. 6 class teachers should have been consulted first)

Miss Hume

Special Needs (including: referrals, observations, interviews and reports. IEPs and pupil progress)

Mrs Trigg

Literacy (Reading and Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Handwriting and Grammar)

Mrs Anderson

Numeracy (Maths, mental arithmetic, times tables)

Mrs Normanton

Science /ICT

Mrs Williams

Lunch time

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Issues and Concerns (Friendship issues, family issues which may impact on learning or behaviour, Children Family Practices, Social Services, Child Protection, uniform)

Mr Milligan

Attendance (Reasons for absence, attendance at Panel meetings, application of leave of absence due to exceptional circumstance, holiday requests are no longer a valid reason for a leave request)


Meal Orders and payment


Uniform orders


Trips (letters and payment) see Trip Leader for details of  the trip or issues relating to travel, venue, medication etc.


Complaints (procedures and policies have not been followed)

Business Manager (who will make an appointment with the Headteacher)

Parent Governors
Ms Fiona O’Brien
Mrs Joanne Livings
Mr Neil Underwood

Business Manager

Face to face

  • Parents may arrange to visit the school at any time to see work in progress;
  • Parents can have a quick informal chat with the class teacher on the playground at the end of the day or make an appointment for a longer / private meeting either directly with them or via the office;
  • Meet a member of the Pastoral team in reception between 8.30 am – 8.50 am;
  • Parents’ Evenings are scheduled each term and appointments are made through eSchools.

newsletterthumbYou will be kept informed of forthcoming events via the weekly newsletter which comes out on a FRIDAY.  These always contain important information so please make sure you retrieve them from the bottom of book bags if they are not handed over.  Colour copies are available on our noticeboards and website under the News section:  www.newchapterprimary.org.uk

E-Mail and Text Messaging System
We are able to send messages, information and alerts home to parents via e-mail and text message thanks to a system called “Group Call”. “Group call” is a secure web based system designed specifically for schools to enable messages to be sent directly into parents’ e-mail and mobile inboxes. The school subscribes to the system with the aim of helping us to get news and information to parents in a more reliable and efficient manner.

IMPORTANT: Please be assured that “Group Call” treat the security of your data with the utmost importance and are registered with the data protection registrar and to this end guarantee the security of your details. The system is also free of any advertising and parents who sign up will not receive any e- mails or texts from advertisers or any other third parties.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office.


Each child has a planner, which we use for home school communication, recording reading and spellings.






postboxPost box
In reception there is a post box which parents can use to drop off messages / suggestions / monies.  These are collected by the Office.  We ask that messages are put into an envelope with your child’s name on and their class / year / teacher.



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