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Year 2 Wow Day – Ice Cube Races

iceThe busy autumn term ended with a very brief introduction to the topic we would be learning about in the New Year. We soon realised that we had more questions than answers about ‘Life in the Freezer’. So it was with much excitement that we started the first week back at school, eager to learn about the polar regions of our planet.
The launch day was spent having two competitive races involving ice cubes. In order to win the first race, each team had to melt their ice cube quicker than the other teams, so that they could reach their puzzle piece, which was buried inside the ice cube. We came up with many ideas to do this using our own experience of the world around us e.g. eating ice cream! Here are some photos of teams trying to melt their ice cubes by holding them in their hands, holding it near the radiator or putting it outside in the sun shine. The winning team won the race in 17 minutes! They quickly learnt that if they put their ice cube in a cup of warm water, it would melt quickly.
There were some teams which tried breathing on their ice cubes to make them melt; they had quickly learnt that their bodies are much warmer than the ice cubes.

ice2Unfortunately, that was not enough to win the race. Isn’t it surprising how long it takes to melt just two little ice cubes?
The second race was much more challenging as we had to keep the ice cube alive i.e. keep it as an ice cube for as long as possible. Most of us have made a snowman, but we know that it doesn’t stay there for long. We had learnt from our earlier race that heat would melt the ice cube so this time it must be kept as far away as possible from a heat source.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with: keep it in a cold place like a freezer, cover it up to keep the heat out or put it outside away from the sun.
We also learnt that making a cover for the ice cube – almost like a glove – would keep the heat away from it. This made it live for a very long time! The winning team kept their ice cube in a small plastic bag and then taped up the opening of the bag. The close runners up kept their ice cube in an egg carton, which was then wrapped up in a pink recycling bag.

ice3We have found out some very important facts about temperature and that we can measure it using a thermometer. The temperature outside on Monday was 14 Celsius. Class 5 is really looking forward to the next few weeks of learning.
Mrs Hopper




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