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Leaders of Learning News

In the Autumn term, the Leaders of Learning focused on ‘How can we improve our reading at home?’ which was an action from our School Development Plan. This was discussed in Learning Forums. The following suggestions were raised:

1. If the whole class reads 4 times each week (100%) – the class is awarded 4 marbles;
2. Individual reading competition each half term for children who read at least 4 times every week;
3. Literacy Leader to create a reading at home booklet to support parents;
4. Video children across the school saying why it is important to read at home – and then put it on e schools;
5. Leaders of learning to create tips to help teachers encourage their class, when they are struggling to get their class reading at home. This will be made by the Leaders of Learning and displayed in the staffroom. Ideas discussed: children to create a reading timetable at home, reading challenges, regular readers on display, sticker/merit rewards, super reader names in the classroom, following the protocol, reading pairs to remind each other to read at home, sticker chart in classrooms, lunchtime detentions for children that don’t read;
6. Making sure there is a reading challenge in each classroom;
7. Whole school reading challenge – where each class is up against each other;
8. Making sure that the Reading Room keeps updated with new and exciting books.

Since then, the Leaders of Learning have been working with the Curriculum Team and teachers to improve the percentage of children reading at home by putting into action the suggestions above. So far the data is showing this term an increase in reading at home across the school, although there is still lots of room for improvement. We will be reviewing the reading at home percentages again at the end of the Spring Term to measure the impact.

From speaking to children across the school, we can already see the impact this has had on the children:

Screen Shot 2018 01 17 at 20.47.55

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