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Leaders of Learning and Learning Forums

LEAders of learning

We have 1 pupil representative from each class who form the Leaders of Learning Team at New Chapter. They are elected democratically by members of their class. The Leaders of Learning support the Senior Leadership Team with improving the school’s teaching and learning. The team meet each half term to discuss a question that has arisen from the school’s development plan. The questions are always focused on how to improve an area of learning within the school. E.g. ‘How can we improve percentages for children reading at home?’ The Leaders of Learning team take the question back to their class learning forum where it is discussed. Ideas are then fed back at a second meeting with the team. The ideas are evaluated and then presented to the SLT/curriculum team by the team leaders. Any outcomes or changes for improvement are then feedback to staff and children. An outline of this cycle is shown below.

2017 10 08 at 14.11.14

Leaders of Learning 2017-2018:

Year 1 Kobey, Lillie-Jayde
Year 2 Tiffany, Presley
Year 3 Frankie, Millie
Year 4 Samuel, Tyrone
Year 5 Harrison, Gracias
Year 6 Leah, Sarah

Team Leaders: Samuel and Leah

Learning forums

At New Chapter we have class learning forums once a week. Class Learning Forums are a strategy to build pupil voice and improve learning on an ongoing basis. The forum is a class discussion where the learning for the week is reviewed and reflected. Children’s comments are scribed on a document along with any commitments the class makes to improve their learning for the future. These are saved and reviewed the following week. Questions asked include:

Is it harder to work on your own or work in a group?

What enables/helps us to learn effectively?

What have we done well and what are our successes?

What has got in the way of our learning this week? Why? – What will we do about it next week?

How can we improve ______ in our classroom?

What can we (as adults) do to help you learn better next week?

Each half term, 1 learning forum will be dedicated to the Leaders of Learning question.

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