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We teach all the National Curriculum subjects.  We also teach Religious Education and PHSME – Personal, health, social and moral education (which includes citizenship)

Each year group has clearly defined plans for National Curriculum work over the year and this is planned by the teachers at the end of the academic year, ready for the next school year. This ensures that children receive a balanced and progressive curriculum throughout their time in school.  The content of the curriculum is guided by documents on each subject, although the school makes judgments according to the needs of the children.  We also favour the use of topics/themes which are of interest to the children and link to many subject areas.

*The Reception children follow the Foundation Curriculum

*Year 1 and 2 follow the curriculum for Key Stage 1 

*Year 3 – Year 6 follow the curriculum for Key Stage 2

Class teachers produce detailed termly plans in all subjects and weekly plans in Literacy and Numeracy.  Work is differentiated according each child’s needs and abilities.  Children’s progress is continually monitored and assessed. Teachers keep record books to record this information. 


8 weeks
(1 – 8)

7 weeks
(9 – 15)

6 weeks
(16 – 21)

6 weeks
(22 – 27)

5 weeks
(28 – 32)

7 weeks
(33 – 39)

Yr 1

Finding Nemo

Arhh Me Hearties – Sea Adventures

Toy Story

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jurassic Park

Who am I?

Yr 2

A Knight’s Adventure

Light and Dark

Life in the Freezer

Just Peachy

At the Movies

Marvellous Machines

Yr 3

A Bug’s Life

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Pyramids, Pharaohs & Papyrus

Chocolate Boxes (to include Aztecs)

Code Breakers and Findings Patterns

Along the Coast

Yr 4

Food Glorious Food

Circle of Life

The Explosive Planet


National Treasures

Water, Water everywhere

Yr 5

Fitness for life
(to include healthy diets and cooking – chemistry of food)

Celebrations: Feasts and Festivals

The Victorians - An Era of Inventions

Off to the Races

What did the Roman’s do for us?

Infinity and Beyond

Yr 6

Rumble in the Jungle

Peace, Love and Wars




Dragon’s Den How to be enterprising.
(Organising A Summer Fete).


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